Blackberry Picking.

There are hoards of blackberry bushes near Alastair’s parents’ house.  Although it is a bit early for blackberry picking, Alastair and I are were determined to find some nice plump ones for chomping on.  Bertie came along for the fun.

Alastair and Bertie.

The only thing keeping me from jumping in the bushes, head first, was the stingy nettles surrounded the blackberries.  I couldn’t tell you if stingy nettles are something found in the states, but I’ve only ever seen them here. I should say that I’ve only ever been stung by them here.  The stingy nettle is a weed that mildly burns the skin when brushed against.  Thankfully, Alastair brought his machete out to hack away some of the deterrents.

The machete master.

Alastair was doing an exceptional job of scoping out the plump blackberries, while I was doing an exceptional job of tasting them.  He wasn’t too happy to turn around and see the empty container on several occasions.  They were delicious though!

Alastair picking the good ones.

Me eating them while his back was turned :)

I did manage to stop eating them enough to bring some home.

Tomorrow, I am off to Gibraltar with Alastair’s family.  After three nights on the rock, Ruth, Alastair, and I will drive to Granada, Spain for a few days.  I’m not sure if I’ll have internet, but I’m planning to take plenty of pictures!


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