Birthday Celebration

Alastair’s father, Paddy, had his birthday last week but the full celebration was last night.

Alastair, Grandpa Jim, Sue, Paddy, and Ruth toasting with a glass of champagne in the garden.

One candle to represent the 65 years for Paddy.


Since the carnival was in the local park, and Sue was determined to ride the ferris wheel, we all walked over to enjoy some rides.


Time for the ferris wheel.

The birthday boy enjoying himself.

Sue is trying to be brave.

Alastair and I at the top of the wheel.

Time for bumper cars.

Al and I are ready to side-swipe Paddy.

Alastair and I have finally had a full night sleep and are feeling much better as our colds are fading away.  We are preparing to leave for the Gibraltar/Spain trip in a couple of days but mostly just enjoying the opportunity to relax.








One thought on “Birthday Celebration

  1. I haven’t been able to catch up much on here, but I love the picts of Alastair’s family! Also, I forgot to tell you that I saw the Drost’s at the Gordon wedding that we went to about a 2 weekends ago. They say hello and were so happy to hear about what you guys have been doing!

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