So Long Salone, Hello Marlow!

It was a brutal journey back to the U.K. Leaving Salone, Krio for Sierra Leone, Alastair and I made the seven-hour drive from camp to Freetown airport, on horrendous roads, in a bouncy pick-up truck, but thankfully without any major problems. Needing to give ourselves enough of a cushion in case of a breakdown, we arrived at the airport with quite a few hours to spare. We waited for our flight in the small and sparse airport and eventually boarded the over-booked flight. The cold Alastair and I have been fighting off made the flight uncomfortable but we couldn’t be more pleased to arrive in London for a taste of home. Alastair’s parents, Paddy and Sue, were kind enough to collect us in the early morning hour and, although fatigued, we are enjoying a lovely British summer day. Alastair’s parents live in the picturesque town of Marlow, and I am certainly luxuriating in the seemingly small things, such as going for a walk in clean areas without being stared at or propositioned. There is a delightful lack of mud, bugs, dust, and animals. Marlow is set on the river Thames and, although I feel a bit guilty for trading in Apple for Bertie the dog, Alastair and I relished in a walk around town with his sister, Ruth.

I miss Apple, but Bertie is very cute.

Alastair and I in the park.

Ruth and Al walking Bertie on the High Street.

On the river Thames.

Swans, all of which belong to the Queen.

A small carnival in the park.


6 thoughts on “So Long Salone, Hello Marlow!

  1. Hey Kristina, Are you coming to the States? Call me if you do, can’t wait! Glad you are getting a break from your everyday life in Sierra Leone though it is so charming to read about. Miss you!! Sheila

  2. You made it! I am sure that you are really appreciating the luxuries of modern life! Give the queen my best and stay away from those mobs that I am hearing about!

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