Getting Ready to Fly the Coop.

Farewell to the bush.

It is our last full day in camp before Alastair and I leave for vacation.  Tomorrow will be a long day of driving to Freetown and then flying through the night to the U.K. only to arrive very early in the morning.  Unfortunately, Al and I are still a bit sick, but hoping for improvement soon.

We couldn't get the timer right, so every picture was blurry.

The gardener, PaKarim, has agreed care for Apple while we’re away, and one of the security men, named Mustapha, has been paying special attention to Oatsy lately. Mustapha has been tethering Oatsy to different trees around the camp so that he gets to eat from different plants every day.  Hopefully he’ll continue to watch over the little goat while we’re away and keep him off the barbecue.

Mustapha and Oatsy.

Apple's favorite gardener, PaKarim.


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