Saturday Night Fever.

Saturdays take on a bit of a buzz since there is no work the following day and the evenings have a more relaxing feel. Musa, the cook, is in charge of the barbecue and a bottle of wine is usually cracked open for dinner. No one feels the need to rush off to bed after eating since the idea that one does not have to get up at the crack of dawn becomes an alluring reason to stay up a bit later. At the moment, there are only two other geologists in camp, which makes the evening a bit quieter. However, our new goat Oatsy likes to bleat the day away for whatever reason, breaking up the tranquility. Alastair and I decided to take Oatsy for a walk through the garden to see which plant he liked to eat, only to find out that this goat will munch up absolutely any plant. Alastair was not having it, so Oatsy was tethered to a post once again.


A Saturday night must, Star Beer and popcorn.


Alastair enjoying the evening.


Me enjoying the popcorn!


Oatsy likes popcorn too.


Musa has the barbecue under control.


Timmy, the cat, is on the prowl.


Oatsy likes the garden a little too much.


This was right before Alastair started yelling at Oatsy :)

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