The Kids and the Cakes.

Married with a kid, all in one day…a goat kid that is.  Unfortunately, I think my kid is all grown up already.  I’ve named him Oatsy.  Yes, Oatsy is a boy so, sadly, there won’t be any milking or goat cheese making.  Nevertheless, I’m having fun feeding him plenty of oats.  The other geologists were ready to throw him on the barbeque at first sight but I’ve explained to them that Oatsy is our friend and not dinner. Introductions were in order and Apple met her brother.  Apple and Oatsy are forming an unbreakable bond, or so I’d like to think.  More likely, the unbreakable bond is merely a mutual interest in the oats I give them.  I’m just happy the kids are getting along.

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Friday’s baking class produced a pair of lovely glazed lime cakes made with fresh limes picked from the garden.  My Krio is getting a bit better but these ladies talk at rapid speed and I still get lost from time to time.

Mafu, Mariama and Adama holding the main ingredient, juicy yellow limes.


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