The Marriage Goat.

I’ve gotten fairly used to people calling me Alastair’s wife since I’ve been in Sierra Leone.  Culturally, people see me as his woman and therefore his wife.  Alastair has spent a lot of time in the area, and developed meaningful relationships with people in the surrounding villages.  When word spread about his “wife” coming to camp, the three villages arranged to gather funds to present Alastair and I with the gift of a goat.  The offering of an animal is an enormous presentation and the significance is deepened as the three village chiefs have come together to celebrate the “marriage.”  I just wish I could remember the wedding :)

The three village chiefs with the gift of the marriage goat.


I have a goat!

8 thoughts on “The Marriage Goat.

  1. Kristina what an honor to be presented with an adorable goat by three village chiefs! Have you given the goat a name yet? Do you know how to milk it and possibly make some cheese? Thanks for all the updates!

  2. Dear Alastair and Kristina
    Congradulations on your nuptials. However real, assumed or otherwise.
    Another kid! (a baby goat is a pig). What a full life you have.
    Thank you again for taking the time to enrich our lives with your blog.
    It’s my first experience with one and I may do my own some day.
    Titled. The Life and Trials of the Average American Woman.
    Think anyone will read it??
    Bette Byrd Bell

  3. Congrats on the marriage Kristina! :) I’m a little offended I wasn’t invited, but I’ll get over it. I like your goat, baby jay could ride him like a horsey.

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