And We’re Back!

Alastair and I made it back to camp, a little worse for wear, but alive.  I had hoped that, even though I couldn’t put up posts while in Freetown, I would take plenty of pictures to put up when we returned.  Unfortunately, it rained the entire time we were there.  Not just rain, but monsoon weather.  So, although I wasn’t able to get any pictures, we weren’t about to let the rain stop us from having a little bit of fun .  Alastair and I drove out to the beach and went swimming in the ocean.  There was a storm swell and the waves were rough, but the water was warm and we had the whole place to ourselves.  It was almost comical, being at the beach with hard rain that wouldn’t relent, but we had a great time!

Besides hitting the beach, Alastair had a bit of work to get done in Freetown and we also went around to look at the houses for rent.  Nicer houses are always surrounded by walls that have barbed-wire and sometimes broken pieces of glass to keep intruders from climbing over.  These more suitable houses are not in one neighborhood, instead spread out around the city and each one surrounded by shanties, broken roads, piles of trash, and stray animals.  Like any city, Freetown is a congested place, and I was happy when it was time to take the arduous journey back to the bush.


2 thoughts on “And We’re Back!

  1. Yes, it is certainly a relief to be back out of the madness :) – I would’ve been pretty disappointed without a swim in the ocean though! It was fantastic, despite the rain, thanks Sue!

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