Freetown or Bust.

Yes, today Alastair and I, along with Mr. Wurie, are taking the long journey back to Freetown. Mr. Wurie works in the Ministry of Mines here in Sierra Leone and he was visiting from Freetown to work through some business with Alastair. The three of us paid a visit to the Paramount Chief yesterday (another post entirely) and now we are accompanying Mr. Wurie on the ride back. Alastair plans to look at houses in Freetown for his company and I’m hoping we’ll take a trip to the beach! The only time I get internet in Freetown is when we visit restaurants, so I hope to post while we’re there. I’m hoping for a breakdown free journey.


Al looks ready to go.


Our trusty vehicle.

2 thoughts on “Freetown or Bust.

  1. Hey Kids
    You wouldn’t want me in that car with you. I’m
    a bad backseat driver. Actually I’m just paranoid.
    Heat wave here. We are all under AC arrest.
    Thinking of You Both.
    Bette B Bell

  2. Hey Krissy! Sorry I haven’t kept up with the postings lately. Everything seems great with you guys. The blogs are fantastic! Miss you lots. Have fun in Freetown!

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