Hold The Phone.

This is Sierra Leone. This is where someone cuts a hole in the gate and starts a service of charging cell phones for everyone in the village. The camp’s electricity comes from a constantly running generator. Electricity is a luxury that no one in the village has and therefore phones are dropped off and picked up, all day every day. Using the camp’s generator to charge hundreds of phones is an advantage that no one ever said “no” or “yes” to, instead it is a concession that is allowed because it would do more harm than good to monitor or discontinue it.


The hole in the gate that allows people to pass their phones through to security.

This is in the security hut is where the security guys congregate. Securing the camp is clearly not to be overshadowed by a complex system that gets everyone their phone charged. I have absolutely no idea how this system works though.

There are usually a lot more than this but it is the end of the day and people have picked them up, usually they are in stacks and piles.


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