The Tropical Elixir.

A few weeks back, the discovery of a hand-held immersion blender amongst an array of random kitchen items brought a smile to my face. It is one of my favorite kitchen appliances and I began having visions of smoothies and hummus and falafel. Thankfully, it was in working condition, unlike most things I come across. When we were submerged in bunches of bananas recently, I started making banana milkshakes for Alastair with milk powder. After a hankering for falafel, I taught the kitchen guys the simple recipe and we’ve been enjoying them for lunch with a lemon tahini sauce…yum! But most recently I’ve come up with a concoction that pleases Alastair to no end. It’s a simple blend of fresh orange juice, pineapple and banana. I’m not sure if it is the pineapple here that makes it so special but it is fantastic.


Here, oranges are green on the outside.


A mini pineapple getting the chop down.


The Tropical Elixir in all its glory.


One happy customer.


5 thoughts on “The Tropical Elixir.

  1. Can’t wait to see you so you can make me some of that juice! :) Love your piggy too, is he coming home for your visit?

    see you soon -Danielle

  2. The garden, its produce and your wonderful recipes sound amazing Kristina. How did Al lose his eyeball??? poked out when cutting down pineapples???

  3. I think he’s trying to act like a pirate Ruth! Hey Danielle, I think the piggy will have to stay here, if I even mention I’ve been around livestock they won’t let me back in the US at border control.

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