Garden Variety or Garden of Eden?

Alastair has invested a lot of effort in slowly building up the garden here in camp.  Over the years, he has taken particular interest in a variety plants and their upkeep in this tropical garden.  Alastair employs a local man, named PaKarim, whom you may have remembered from my ramblings about Apple and her love of pawpaw, as the camp gardener.  Although it is PaKarim’s job, it is Alastair’s passion.  The list of fruits and vegetables that we enjoy from this garden is quite extensive.  We have avocado, mango, pineapple, corn, papaya, ginger, chiles, guava, moringa, limes, lemongrass, potato, peanut, cucumber, watermelon, eggplant, sweetsop and plenty of other items that I can’t remember.  Apple has a lot of fun rooting around this garden so we only take her for short walks lest she tear up the place.  There is much to enjoy and even more to plant!

Stalks of corn.


Two plump and delicious pineapples.


It looks like Cousin It, but it's actually just lemongrass.


Alastair is checking out the the future of his plantation while Apple is checking out prospective snacks.


PaKarim, the gardener, has his garden camouflage on.


It's easy to see why Apple loves PaKarim!


Manners first!



7 thoughts on “Garden Variety or Garden of Eden?

  1. Kristina….I just love what you’ve got going on over there! And I must say, I really want a pet pig now…Apple is so cute!! Hope you are doing well!! Miss you! xoxo

  2. Thanks guys!! I wish I could take credit for the garden but I simply eat what comes out of it :) I didn’t realize pineapples grew that way either, Jess. You have to be careful though because the leaves are sharp (I learned that the hard way)

  3. Have you been able to cook with the lemongrass at all? If you can locate some coconut milk you can make the coconut fish stew I make all the time! I’ll send you the recipe :)

    • Hey Jess, they don’t let me do too much in the kitchen unfortunately…I have three guys pulling things out of my hands whenever I try. Often I just bring items from the garden and ask them to include it in whatever. I know Al has used lemongrass in the past with his fish but I haven’t been eating any fish since I’ve been here so I haven’t used it really. Coconut milk would be fairly easy to get a hold of since we have a bountiful supply of coconuts and I learned a way to make your own coconut milk. I’d love the recipe though, and maybe I can even sneak in the kitchen to try it out :)

  4. Kristina, I want your life there. You need to write a book. So different than the lives we live here in our crazy hi tech world. I love apple and your “marriage goat.” Too funny. Are you extremely happy? You sound like you are. I miss you. Love, Sheila

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