Pineapple Cake Exam.

Amongst the majority of participants in the cake tasting enterprise, pineapple cake is currently ranked as the favorite. Pineapples are also the item that we are ‘harvesting’ most out of our humble garden in camp at the moment, yielding about six or seven ripe ones. Undoubtedly, the pineapple I’ve had here in Sierra Leone is on another level completely and I can’t imagine ever really appreciating pineapple at home again. I only had two ladies for this class and they were eager to show me what they’ve learned. I went through a Pineapple Cake recipe with them and then let them at it. Besides a small correction here or there, they did an excellent job. The workers were posed to start a riot if they didn’t get some cake after smelling it baking, so the ladies went around and passed out pieces of their finished product. The ladies asked for a certificate of achievement and I’m happy to make on for them. :)



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