An African Picnic.

Yesterday’s picnic for the Komahun School looked very different from any picnic I’ve ever been to, but still it went off well. All of the food items were given to the only female teacher, and I assume she’s the one who took charge of the preparations. Alastair and I arrived at the school in the afternoon to greet those attending. There were lines of young boys awaiting their food since girls and boys eat separately. Alastair said it was the first time he’s ever seen these boys line up in an orderly and patient fashion. The young ladies were taking charge of boiling and dividing the rice. Big plastic bowls of rice were topped with ladles of what looked like fish-head stew bubbling away in a large cauldron over a fire. Once a bowl of rice was topped with the stew, it was handed to a group of about ten children. The children would crouch in a circle around the bowl and eat from it with their hands. We had also given the children some candy and a soccer ball to play with for the picnic. I think it ended up being an enjoyable way to end the term for the students.


The boys lined up.


Doling out stew and rice.



2 thoughts on “An African Picnic.

    • Junior!! Aw de pikin?? That means how’s the baby in Krio. If she’s anything like you, she’ll be very sassy. Thanks for all you comments, misspellings and all!!! Things are going well here. I would try to teach Apple to be a sheepdog but we don’t have any sheep, maybe she can round up the kitten…she certainly loves to run circles!

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