One Sandwich Short of a Picnic.

The head teacher of the Komahun School, Safea, requested that the company host a picnic to celebrate the end of the school year.  There are over 300 students in the very small school building.  Feeding that many children is quite a task considering the cost of food here in Sierra Leone.  Here, food items are much more expensive and harder to come by.  Most people eat a diet of rice and starchy vegetables that grow easily near the village. As simple as it would be to get a bunch of sandwiches, hot dogs, or pizza slices in the U.S., here we cannot even acquire enough bread to accommodate the number.  Thankfully, Safea saved us from our puzzlement of what we could possibly procure and asked for specific items.  The list included a 100 pound bag of rice, a box of fish, onions, tomatoes, a gallon of groundnut oil (peanut oil), salt and a few other items.  Although this was still an expensive purchase, it saved us from figuring amounts and also the concern of how to prepare it all.  Items are to be given to the teachers tomorrow and they will prepare for the picnic.  I’m hoping it doesn’t rain.


4 thoughts on “One Sandwich Short of a Picnic.

  1. Hello Khristina, it just gets wilder and wilder ! termites and rubbish,pigs and the proverbial – I don’t know how you manage to keep your appetite !
    I know you like cooking – but pineapple cake – I suspect Apple is going to have a real banquet !
    Your visit to Koidu and the market must rank with the astranauts’ first footprint on the moon – correction – if you out-talked the Tax collectors – you must rate with the conquorering heros of South America ! What a life !
    Keep smiling ! love Paddy & Sue

  2. Hello Krissy and Alastair
    Your note are a reminder of how easy life here is.
    I am looking forward to having wifi in the house and sending you comments that are
    cheerful and clever. Life is so much the same here and you are in literally another
    Paddy and Sue I enjoy your comments and look forward to meeting the parents of such a fine young man.
    All the best to you all,
    Bette ( ma ) Bell

  3. Well Paddy, that is quite the compliment coming from you, I don’t know about astronauts and conquerers but I’m certainly trying my best. This place keeps me on my toes almost as well as you do! I think you’d take to the pineapple cake if you gave it a try….almost as good as carrot cake :)

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