Boules and Baths.

Apple gets a bath!

Sunday is our day off and usually spent lounging around and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.  We had come across a boules set that was collecting dust in the office and so Alastair and I decided to play on the rough landscape around camp. Boules is a French lawn game, much like Bocce, where one attempts to roll their ball closest to the mark. Sunday games commenced and Kristina walked away as the champion!  If that weren’t enough excitement, we also decided to take Apple out of her pen and give her a bath.  She has not been out of her pen since we first put her in there and, since there isn’t a leash for her, I held a bowl of oats with me to keep her from wandering too far off, food being the ultimate incentive.  She was clearly delighted to be out and about and sniffed around at everything, still staying nearby Alastair and me.  Giving her a wash proved to be a bit more complicated and we ended up putting a bottomless drum over her to keep her in one place while we scrubbed her clean.  After her bath, Apple and I had a little run around camp to give her some exercise and she loved it.  Much like a dog, she would chase after me whichever direction I ran from her, perhaps because I was still holding the bowl of oats.

Scrubdown time.

Maybe pigs can fly.


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