“A de tohk smohl smohl Krio” (I speak a little Krio).

The young ladies who made the banana cake were eager to come back again and so I arranged for another baking lesson.  Word must’ve spread because more women began asking to be a part of the group, but the kitchen size and materials restricted me from inviting more than a few additional people.  This week was coconut-lime cake week.  It is clear that even elementary baking knowledge is not part of these ladies’ repertoire, so although it isn’t easy for me, I am trying to assert myself and correct each person if they are doing something wrong.  I tried to speak a bit more Krio with the group but when they all talk together it just goes way too fast for me to catch on to.  Regardless, the cake was delicious!  Next week will be pineapple cake, and I’m going to write out the recipe and test to see how much they can do on their own.  From there, I’d like to let a different group of women attend and begin to learn as well.

The ladies plus Musa the cook.

I have been in conversation with the head teacher of the school.  He has presented a list of requests for supplies and also asked that we host a picnic to celebrate the end of term next week.  After the picnic, school will be on break until the fall.  Alastair and I will be here a few more weeks before our break in August and, when we return in the fall, I’d like to offer to teach some English classes in the school.  It is a skill that the children are expected to have but are seriously lacking.


3 thoughts on ““A de tohk smohl smohl Krio” (I speak a little Krio).

  1. wotalife wellead here again in marlowe you seem to be enjoying your selves grandpa will say good night god bless

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