The Getting-Big Apple.

Apple the piggie seems to have gotten over the disappearance of her companion Sheldon with ease.  Or maybe she has simply found a new love, the gardener PaKarim, who brings her whole pawpaws (papaya), which is her absolute favorite, every other day. Apple can put away an entire pawpaw into her small, yet steadily growing, body in record speed.  She will run around the pen like crazy whenever he walks down to visit her.  Alastair and I have been teaching her to sit and, shockingly, she’s actually beginning to do it on command.  I reward her with a handful of oats and a “That’ll do pig, that’ll do.”  Pigs can’t fly but they certainly can sit!

The proud piggie displaying her newfound skill.


4 thoughts on “The Getting-Big Apple.

  1. lol…. I bet Apple would show Bertie up in Obedience Class! And I bet she doesnt chew everything like Bertie either…

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