Baking Class.

I agreed to teach some of the young women from the village how to bake the cakes I’ve been making in camp lately.  Even though I’ve been doing fairly simple cake recipes, these are not cakes that the local people ever encounter or would know how to make.  After being here almost a month, people still bring gifts regularly, and lately everyone has been bringing bunches of bananas.  I have more bananas than 20 people would know what to do with.   Therefore, I figured banana bread was the route to take.  The four girls were all around the age of twenty and shy at first.  My Krio and their English made for rudimentary conversation but they seemed to enjoy the baking process.  It all appeared to be new and fascinating to them.  We made an enormous batch of banana bread and the girls, beaming with pride, helped pass pieces out to the workers around camp.  We discussed the possibility of making cakes and selling them for profit, and each girl wrote down the recipe. Towards the end, the girls were becoming more animated, asking about every little object in the kitchen and its use.  The oven was even a novelty considering people cook only over open fires in the village.  They teased me about my Krio, and eventually inquired when they could come back again. They took some banana bread home for themselves and their families and I am now considering making the lesson a weekly activity.  Later that evening, a young man came to the gate asking for me.  When I came out to greet him, he handed me a big bag filled with bunches of bananas.

My protégés.


3 thoughts on “Baking Class.

    • That’s awesome Kristina!! I’m so excited for you, looks like you are making the most of this adventure :)

      Love ya -Danielle

  1. What is it they say– when life gives you bananas… make banana bread! Seriously congratulations to you for not only surviving in the remote area of Sierra Leone but for getting fully engaged with everyone. I think they’re going to be very sad if (or when) you leave. Keep up the wonderful posts and HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!! XO, Cara.

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