Rainy Season.

Not only does rainy season bring heavy rains, hence the name, but it also seems to precipitate a lot of sickness amongst the villagers. I haven’t worked out if it is the colder temperature, a constant wetness that breeds illness, more insects that cause diseases such as malaria, or something else. Nonetheless, workers come into the office, daily, to complain of any number of different ailments. Alastair gives them money to go to the clinic, which isn’t too far away but, from what I’ve heard, practices an almost laughable level of medical care. From a stomachache to a broken toe, the guy only seems to prescribe re-hydration salts. Unfortunately, it is the only clinic near enough to send the workers. The most vulnerable members of the village are always going to be most at risk. Sadly, this morning Alastair told me that two babies died last night. It is a cruel reality that the people here face. Sierra Leone as a country has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. There have been years in the past when many children have died in this village, and it is horrific to conceive of any more being taken by sickness.


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