Free Sheldon.

I never felt right keeping Sheldon. He is a very old tortoise, much older than I am, and he has spent all of his years in the wild. It didn’t seem fair holding him captive to be the forced companion of a little piglet. Anytime Apple was mildly distracted with food or the prospect of getting more food, Sheldon would make a break for it, in record tortoise speed, to try to squeeze his big shell through the small spaces in the fence. To no avail, he would end up, every day, under the sleeping pig. Had he been a young tortoise, we may have kept him and made him his own pen, but since he is not, Alastair and I gave him a little scrub wash to make his shell clean again and decided to bring Sheldon back, deep into the bush. The bumpy drive wasn’t fun for him and he ended up urinating on my lap! After the long ride, Alastair and I said our goodbyes to Sheldon, patted his shell and waited for him to slowly walk back into the forest. I was sad watching him go but I’m sure he’s much happier now. I’m not sure I can say the same for Apple.

Sheldon steps back into freedom.


One thought on “Free Sheldon.

  1. more tears again for me – the freeing of Sheldon ( hopefully happier in his forest ) and babies dieing . But then I read of more bananas and more cakes – fantastic ( joanne in La Barra was good at baking cakes on an open fire with tin pan and more fire on top. )
    Keep up the good work Kristina

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