The Menagerie.

Yes, the collection has grown.  One of the guys found a bush tortoise on the side of the road.  Typically, a tortoise would quickly be eaten but the guy brought it here as a gift.  I was very excited because it is another animal I’ve never had the opportunity to care for.  This particular tortoise, now named Sheldon, is reckoned to be about 50 years old.  Alastair and I decided to put him in the pen with Apple for a bit to see what happens, and Apple has taken to this reptile as her own companion (whether he is willing participant or not).  She practically sleeps on top of him.



The odd couple.

Yesterday I had a meeting with the head teacher, Rafea, from the Komahun School.  He made it clear that what they need is more materials for the students. I informed him that I will be in the area for some time and that I would like to have a role in the school and community.  Rafea plans to speak with the three other teachers and perhaps other members of the community to determine their ideas about improvement with the students and otherwise.  I have many ideas myself, and yet, the process requires a balance of ideas that comes from the people as well, considering that, I’ll never be able to fully understand their perspective, try as I might.  Alastair and I will soon meet with the local chief of the village.  Besides saying ‘thank you’ to him for the rooster he recently sent as a gift, we also need to discuss with him our investment and receive his blessing.  Everything seems to move at a snails pace, as I am reminded “This Is Africa”, but I’m hopeful that even some minor positive change is on the horizon.


6 thoughts on “The Menagerie.

  1. with all the strnage creatures as your new companions, I just hope your injections all worked ! But it makes good blog news and I am enjoying the inj=genuity of the local people in demonstating thier hospitality. I look forward to the sequel. have a nice day cleaning the pen! Paddy

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