A Home for Apple.

After realizing that I am ill equipped for the task of building Apple a pen, I gratefully handed the project over to some of the guys who took the assignment on with ease.  Besides throwing around ideas about positioning and dimensions, I’ve added nothing more to the task than encouragement and appreciation.

Here is the band of men that have graciously taken on the process of erecting Apple’s dream house. And useless me, doing little more than standing in the picture.

I had no idea that a little piglet would become such an ordeal in camp.  She continues to escape out of her holding cell and many of the guys are afraid of her so catching her becomes a circus.  It’s hilarious except for I am always panicked that she will get away for good or hurt again.  Pakarim, the gardener, has been paying special attention to the project.  He is one that has been kind enough, over the past weeks, to bring me ears of corn, bunches of bananas and a chicken as gifts.  He’s also mentioned, in passing, the prospect of me becoming his wife, so I’m hoping Al didn’t strike a deal with him to get the pen built.  The pen itself is fashioned with sticks from the bush that have been cut to fit with machetes, some nails, and a piece of roofing to provide shelter from the rain.  We are hoping that it will be finished today and I will be making another batch of cakes as a meager thank you to the guys.  Next, we have to get her a pair!  I tried to introduce her to the kitten in camp but neither were having it.  I was given a duck as a gift from another worker in camp named Kellie, but I don’t think the duck is all that interested in Apple either.  So, another piglet it will have to be! I haven’t named the duck yet so I’m taking suggestions. :)

Kellie holding his offering, the currently unnamed duck.

The camp kitten that likes to climb to the top of mango and avocado trees.


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