Komahun School.

Today was the day of my formal visit to the school. The school building itself lies approximately 400 meters away from the gate of the camp and was built by Alastair’s company in 2007. There were 5 classrooms overflowing with children and yet, in each classroom, all of the children stood and, in perfect unison, gave a formal greeting to us as visitors. The youngest of classes even did a dance with exemplary rhythm and synchronization (we call it the kangaroo dance). We had arrived bearing lollipops, notebooks and pencils and in the end there wasn’t even enough for every child. The offerings seemed so insubstantial in contrast to the greater needs. Nonetheless, it was inspiring to see the eagerness in the students, as if they treat their education like a gift. It is difficult to know how to help. I can certainly purchase school supplies, but I’m hoping for a bit more of an impact. I’ll have a meeting later this week with the head teacher to assess if there is any service I can perform.

The school from the outside.

The youngest class already enjoying their sweets.

Older students hard at work preparing for exams.


2 thoughts on “Komahun School.

  1. Bravo Kristina for making a difference in your new home. You can offer so much and it is encouraging to read about your efforts.
    Good luck and keep us posted!

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