The New Addition!

Ask and you shall receive.  I suddenly got this loony idea in my head that I wanted a baby pig to be my pet around camp since this is probably the only scenario in my life that will allow for such a strange desire.  No more than two days after I asked one of the local guys if it would be difficult or expensive to get a piglet, did he show up with one just for me…apparently it is neither!  Her name is Apple, and she’s very cute. Her first day in camp has been a rough one, unfortunately.  She managed to escape and it took about ten guys to chase her down, during which she managed to scrape herself against some barbwire.  So now she’s traumatized and scratched.  I need to build her a pen and Al’s nonplussed about the idea of me taking care of her, but I’m committed.  I have my sights set on getting another piglet so that Apple has a companion.  From what I’ve read, pigs are quite social and it would be unkind to deny her a companion.  :)

This is a picture of her in her temporary “holding cell” until I can build her a pen. I’ve given her some potato leaf and a mango to chop (Krio word for eat).


4 thoughts on “The New Addition!

  1. I just love the look of Apple – shes beautiful – and I’m sure just as naughty as Bertie !! ( be careful of her though she must be very tasty !)
    Sue with love

  2. Great stuff. Love reading your adventures. ‘Course it’s just good to know that things are ok with you. Sounds like you are really settling in. Sure Apple will be happy to know that you’re a semi-vegetarian. Best to you and Alistair.
    love dad

  3. Awh, Kristina I’m so happy you have a new pet pig. Apple sounds so cute and I think a companion for her would be great. You are in your element girl. I love reading about your adventures. Love, Sheila

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