Cookies and Chickens.

The cookies were a hit. They came out as an adapted version of your typical chocolate chip cookie (thank you Ruth for the chocolate bar).  Although the oven temperature was the biggest challenge, Mohammed and I persevered.

Mohammed seems pleased.

The workers were pleased at the treat and, adding to my current chicken that was given to me when I arrived, I received yet another chicken as a gift.  The impression that they could be my pets was quickly put to an end when told that their fate is actually to be tied up and killed when needed for a meal.  I’m trying not to get attached but I couldn’t help but take one picture of my gifts.

My fateful chickens.

5 thoughts on “Cookies and Chickens.

  1. I know it will be sad when the time comes, but you definately have to name the chickens…. how about Piri Piri and Korma…. or is that just mean?

  2. that’s very sweet about the chickens. you guys look great in the photo. does alastair do any surfing there?

  3. Thanks Lana, unfortunately Alastair said there isn’t much break on the beaches of Freetown so there isn’t any good surfing. Great swimming though!

    Ruth, I didn’t have the heart to name them but everyone else appreciated your suggestion!

  4. Kristina- I am embarrassed to say that I have just finished reading all of your blog now, from Day 1, BUT I cannot believe all that I am reading! You leave me wanting to read MORE (and of course, know about HOW you are doing!!) Miss you tons!!

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