The Long Bumpy Road to Camp.

First off, thanks for the comments guys!! I can’t tell you how nice it is to read a few words from friends and family.

We’ve made it to camp!!  Alastair isn’t 100% yet, but he’s much better and wanted to go ahead and make the drive.  We packed the car and headed out of Freetown, only ever stopping to check out some vegetables being sold on the road to bring with us.  The city of Freetown shows lush hills in the distance but as we got further away from the craziness of town, I could really appreciate how beautiful the hills are.  Everything is a deep emerald green except for the red dirt road.  For the first half of the 6 hour drive we were on a fairly smooth, paved road.  Every so often we would pass through a village with hundreds of people on the road, and also have to pass a poda poda (which is a bus that stuffs about 4 times too many people in it and packs itself twice as high with luggage on the top).  The other way people get around, besides walking, is on the back of a motor-bike, or okada.  The second half of the ride was not as kind as the road was torn to shreds and I was either air-borne out of my seat or crashing back down into it.  Nonetheless, we made it :)

Camp is interesting. It is spread out a bit with a fence around it and with little cement rooms scattered.  One is an office, one is a kitchen and mess, and the others are mostly uninhabited rooms.  I have a fairly large  bedroom with its own bathroom, which is nice.  I’ve been introduced to about a hundred men, and one woman so far who are local employees.  We’re getting settled today and hopefully I’ll learn more about camp-life tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “The Long Bumpy Road to Camp.

  1. I’ve loved reading all that detail – thanks for phoning just now – but its even more fantastic to see photos and imagine that journey up from Freetown !Glad Al recovered so quickly – enjoy all those lovely vegetables -and keep writing – I had no idea you’d be able to write so much !! Well done
    lots of love and prayers

  2. Congratulations Sister! This is the first and only blog I will ever follow. Both because you are beautiful and because I was never too clear on what a blog was until now. I love you and I’m glad there’s an internet portal that allows me gain insight into your life on the other side of the freaking world! Say hi to Allistair for me and steer clear of poisonous snakes!

    p.s. Ali’s parents’ dog is wicked cute! (do you miss the phrase “wicked” yet?)

  3. Sounds like a beautiful journey! Can’t wait to hear about camp life and your first truly African cuisine. Hugs and kisses.

  4. What beautiful prose to describe a world I only imagine through your words. I wish Alastair a speedy recovery and I hope you are finding some ways to call this home!
    XO, Cara.

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