There is so much to take in when looking around this city.  I find myself staring at everything and attempting to build a picture in my mind what life is like here for most.  The city itself is on the coast and has beautiful beaches yet there isn’t a sole on the sand or in the water.  “Everyone is busy trying to make money,” Alastair says.  Everywhere you look there are people, crowds of people.  It is as if there isn’t a sole indoors anywhere, they are just all congregating on the street.  This gives the the area a pulse of excitement.  Alastair and I took a drive to a beach and swam in the warm waters of the Atlantic with hills behind us.  I’m trying to upload photos and a video but internet is painfully slow.  We leave Freetown today for camp.  It is an arduous journey according to Alastair so we’ll see how I manage :)

One thought on “Freetown.

  1. hey there sister. Derek just showed me your blog. wanted to say a quick hello. hope you are having a blast. we miss and love you. kids say hi. max wanted to send a letter to africa, but i told him it wasn’t possible. so he will save it for when you visit. take care and say hello to alastair for us.

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